The City of Zagreb, INA and ZET sign agreements , Source: City of Zagreb

Zagreb is planning the use of hydrogen for public transport

Zagreb is planning the use of hydrogen for public transport

In collaboration with INA and ZET, the Croatian capital is working on the introduction of clean and sustainable methods of transportation

On 4 March, the City of Zagreb signed agreements with oil company INA and Zagreb Electric Tram Ltd. (ZET) to introduce the use of hydrogen in public urban transport. According to the city’s website, this agreement would make Zagreb the first Croatian city to begin systematic planning for such a project.

These agreements mean that the City of Zagreb, INA, and ZET will work together to launch a fleet of 20 hydrogen-powered buses and construct supporting charging infrastructure. In addition to this, the signatories will also develop a detailed program for the investment in and application of other hydrogen technologies and fuel cells.

Clean and sustainable

Ph.D. Jelena Pavičić Vukičević – who is now acting as Mayor of Zagreb, following the tragic death of Milan Bandić – commented on the initiative, noting that it would promote clean and sustainable transport without greenhouse gas emissions.  

“I can proudly say that, together with our colleagues and partners, we are working on comprehensive preparation for the introduction of clean and sustainable technologies without greenhouse gas emissions in our ZET – one of the key links of Zagreb infrastructure.

This project is the beginning of a strong investment and modernization cycle for ZET in the context of promoting clean and sustainable technologies without emissions – in full compliance with all local and national strategies and guidelines on the subject,” claimed Vukičević, as reported by the City of Zagreb’s website.

Thus, the signed agreement is a commendable step that brings the city – and the country – closer to the mass application of hydrogen. Through this initiative, the Republic of Croatia is fighting for the preservation of the planet’s climate while working towards meeting the country’s national energy and climate goals.

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