The web portal makes it easy for citizens to access support

Zagreb launches Croatia’s first mental health portal

Zagreb launches Croatia’s first mental health portal

It will help citizens access the information and support they need

On 1 February, the Croatian City of Zagreb revealed that it has created a new portal dedicated to mental health. This website, according to Mayor Tomislav Tomašević, is the first and only one of its kind in the country. 

Easy access to all necessary information

In recent years, mental health disorders have become more and more widespread. As a result, the municipality has made support in the field one of its main priorities. With the 'Mental Health of the City of Zagreb' portal, the city will now grant citizens easy access to all the information they need.

Expanding on this, the web portal lists all the mental health projects that have been launched or financed by the municipality and its health institutions. What is more, it contains articles and information that can help citizens learn more about themselves and how to access the mental health services they require.

While the portal’s main purpose is to bring together and spread information, it will also collect and store data. This data will then be useful for further research that will improve the mental health services in the city.

A modern city

In a press release, Mayor Tomašević claims that the new portal acts as proof of Zagreb’s intention to become a modern city. Commenting on the website, he explained:

"This is the only portal of its kind in the Republic of Croatia, and its support is even greater because the application of digital technologies opens an additional path to openness, transparency, sustainability and efficiency, which the City of Zagreb relentlessly strives to achieve. It unites in one place all the problems related to mental health and all the contacts of institutions, city or state, where citizens can seek help.”

In addition to launching the portal, the municipality has also increased the budget for its Youth Health Centre by more than EUR 100,000. In doing so, it has enabled the employment of psychologists whose role will be to support school children in need of mental health care.



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