Photographs from the "Zagreb likes Green" exhibition, Source: Zagreb Airport on Facebook

“Zagreb likes Green” exhibition is on display at Franjo Tuđman Airport

“Zagreb likes Green” exhibition is on display at Franjo Tuđman Airport

Until 31 October, the baggage claim area will display 26 photographs of the city’s greenery as well as a model from “Little Zagreb”

On 29 March, the "Zagreb likes Green" exhibition was opened at the Franjo Tuđman Airport by Deputy Mayor Jelena Pavičić Vukičević, who is currently the acting mayor of the city. Organised by the Zagreb Tourist Board and Zagreb International Airport, the exhibition depicts the city’s remarkable nature and greenery.

"Zagreb likes Green"

The exhibition consists of 26 photographs by some of Croatia’s most famous photographers: Boška & Krešo, Julien Duval, Marija Gašparović, Sanjin Kaštelan, Šime Lugarov, Davor Rostuhar, Josip Škof and Marko Vrdoljak.

In a press release, the Municipality of Zagreb explained that the city’s greenery – including landscaped lawns, flowerbeds, and trees – makes up an astounding 75.1%. As such, it is not surprising that nature is the central theme of the "Zagreb likes Green" exhibition.

It must be noted that the photographs are displayed in the baggage claim area of the airport. By hosting the exhibition in the passenger terminal, the airport and tourist board ensure that travellers and tourists can become acquainted with the city’s values as soon as they arrive.

"It is a great pleasure in these challenging pandemic times to see that the Airport has successfully organised an exhibition that reveals the natural beauties of Zagreb and that these beautiful photos are the first meeting of all passengers and guests passing through the Airport with Zagreb," commented Deputy Mayor Pavičić Vukičević.

Curated by Filip Beusan, the "Zagreb likes Green" exhibition will be on display until 31 October 2021.

Little Zagreb (Mali Zagreb)

In addition to the 26 photographs, the terminal is also hosting a model from “Little Zagreb” (Mali Zagreb): a new art project featuring a series of miniature installations that resemble facades of the city’s buildings and shop windows.

Although the airport will only exhibit a model from this project, “Little Zagreb” is an installation that can be seen and experienced in the city. More specifically, the creators of this project have built a miniature town which they display in unexpected places throughout Zagreb – such as the curbs and at the foot of walls, buildings, and fences.

Filip Filkovic Philatz created this project in collaboration with Mia Martinović, Josip Kresović and Lucija Švob. “The idea for the works was to reflect the living space of our big world in miniature proportions, as well as to emphasize the importance of paying attention to the little things in life and the details that enrich it,” Philatz told the tourist news portal HrTurizam.

Ultimately, by exhibiting a model from this project as well as displaying photographs of the city’s greenery, the airport and tourist board welcome travellers and show them the variety of attractions that Zagreb has to offer.



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