Sljeme Cable Car in Zagreb, Source: ZET

Zagreb’s Sljeme Cable Car begins operating

Zagreb’s Sljeme Cable Car begins operating

Mayor Tomislav Tomašević attended the opening ceremony on Wednesday

On 23 February, the Mayor of Zagreb, Tomislav Tomašević, officially inaugurated the newly built Sljeme Cable Car in Gračanski Dolje. At the opening ceremony, Tomašević discussed the significance of the cable car, noting that it will act as a new tourist attraction and contribute to the ecological protection of Sljeme. 

Sljeme Cable CarMayor Tomislav Tomašević inaugurated the Cable Car (Source: City of Zagreb)


The cable route will cover a distance of 5,017 metres and have 84 cabins, each of which will be able to carry up to 10 people as well as ski and sports equipment. In total, it is estimated that the cable car will have the capacity to transport around 1,500 passengers every hour.

The ride between the departure station in Gračanski dol and the lookout point on Sljeme will take roughly 22 minutes, with the cable car travelling at 4 metres per second. According to a press release, the elevation difference between the two stations is 754 metres.

On its website, ZET public transport reports that the Sljeme Cable Car is easy to get to from the city. Taking this further, one can either travel by bus (using lines 140, 227, or 233) or drive to the site, leaving their car in the new parking lot. 

Sljeme Cable Car 2A cabin can transport up to 10 people (Source: City of Zagreb)

Making Zagreb a more attractive destination

Minister of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure Oleg Butković attended the opening ceremony on 23 February, sharing that the inauguration of the cable car is a dream come true for many citizens. Furthermore, he noted that such projects are important for the development of Zagreb as a metropolis with ambitious tourism goals. 

"I believe that many citizens who will use this cable car will be convinced that the ride is safe and comfortable. I hope that the guests of our city will also take the cable car as a new tourist attraction,” commented Mayor Tomašević.

The Sljeme Cable Car will be open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm and on weekends from 8 am to 6 pm.



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