Microchipping puppies ensures their safety

Zagreb searches households to find dogs without microchips

Zagreb searches households to find dogs without microchips

Owners can face hefty fines and other legal consequences for not microchipping their pets

On 15 October, the Croatian City of Zagreb announced that it is strengthening its efforts to ensure that all dogs in the area have microchips. At the moment, microchipping is mandatory under the Animal Protection Act; therefore, owners must microchip puppies no later than 90 days after their birth.

To guarantee that all dogs are microchipped, the City of Zagreb will now conduct searches to find those who have not complied with the aforementioned requirements. According to local media, owners can face fines of up to HRK 6,000 (EUR 800).

Why microchip your pet?

Many governments today have made microchipping a legal requirement to ensure the protection of both pets and owners. The procedure entails implanting a rice-sized chip between a dog’s shoulder blades containing important information, such as the owner’s contact details and the animal’s medical data.

In a press release, the head of the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry and the President of the Coordination Working Group Dejan Jaic highlighted that dogs without microchips are not vaccinated against rabies or zoonoses – diseases that are transmissible to human beings.

Furthermore, Jaic noted that abandoned and non-microchipped pets are taken to the City Shelter for neglected animals, where they are cared for by the City of Zagreb. Thus, making sure that all dogs have microchips will benefit the city’s budget.

Visiting all households

The City of Zagreb has tasked employees of the Communal Police and the Ministry of Interior with conducting searches to find non-microchipped pets. Search parties will reportedly visit all households (starting from the eastern part of the city) to scan pets' microchips.

Assistant Head of the Sector for Communal and Traffic Police Željko Renić commented on the investigation, noting that the municipal warden will scan pets using a device. If the device cannot detect a microchip, the search party will inform the competent body of the Veterinary Inspection to take further action against the owner.

By making sure that all dogs in the city have microchips, Zagreb protects both animals and owners.



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