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Zagreb trains teachers to recognise gender-based stereotypes

Zagreb trains teachers to recognise gender-based stereotypes

This is part of the KINDLE EQUALITY project which seeks to encourage girls to pursue STEM subjects

Although times are steadily progressing, unequal opportunities in the labour market still exist. According to a press release by the Croatian City of Zagreb, recent studies have found that more boys than girls choose to pursue education and careers in STEM subjects. More specifically, 40.29% of boys (compared to only 12.93% of girls) state that they wish to work as engineers, scientists, etc.

Understanding the tremendous influence teachers have on children’s decisions, the City of Zagreb has partnered with the European Commission to launch the KINDLE EQUALITY project which will run until 31 January 2023.

Addressing unconscious bias

The KINDLE EQUALITY project primarily targets primary school teachers and early childhood care professionals. Its aim is to show them how important their words and beliefs are and how they can leave a lasting impact on the children they teach.

Therefore, the project seeks to address the root cause of unequal opportunities by teaching those who work in education how to recognise unconscious bias and gender-based stereotypes. Through this training, the Croatian capital and the European Commission hope to make teachers aware of their contribution to children’s self-perception and vocational choices.

What is more, the project further seeks to transform teachers into changemakers who can use their influence to help create an equal and fair society.

All teachers are invited to take part

On 1 September, the City of Zagreb announced that all primary schools in the capital are invited to participate in the KINDLE EQUALITY project. The teachers of the school that achieves the best result will get the opportunity to go on a study trip to Vienna. According to the Croatian capital, this trip will be their reward for contributing to the realisation of European values.

Those who are interested in participating in the KINDLE EQUALITY project can apply by emailing



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