An illustration of the shelter, Source: Zagreb Zoo

Zagreb unveils first facility dedicated to the care of wildlife

Zagreb unveils first facility dedicated to the care of wildlife

The development of the shelter will cost over EUR 3 million

Last week, the Croatian capital presented the project “Wildlife Recovery – Modernisation of the Zoo Garden of the City of Zagreb Phase III” at the shelter for neglected animals in Dumovec. During a press conference, the municipality revealed that it will open the first facility dedicated to the care and accommodation of wildlife.

A modern facility with new equipment

The new building will have two storeys and house both wild animals and abandoned dogs. Undomesticated animals will be cared for on the first floor of the facility, with special spaces being set aside for the recovery and treatment of bats, birds, reptiles, etc.

After animals have recovered, they will either be released into the wild or housed in another institution, such as a shelter or zoo. Abandoned dogs, on the other hand, will be treated and accommodated on the ground floor of the building.

Project Manager Davorka Maljković commented on the facility, noting that it is the result of a collaboration between the Zagreb Zoo and the Dumovec shelter of the Animal Care Institution. Taking this further, Maljković highlighted that the facility will make use of new and modern equipment to ensure the best possible care for the animals:

“The facility will house a modern quarantine and veterinary clinic, a vehicle adapted for the transport of animals, equipment for catchers and equipment for marking animals that are released into the wild. Modernisation III is special because it combines professional knowledge from two parts of our Institution, on one side of the Shelter and on the other side of the Zoo.”

According to the City of Zagreb, the European Union will co-finance the project and allocate HRK 6 million (over EUR 790,000) for its implementation. The total cost is estimated to be more than HRK 22 million (over EUR 3 million).

To view photographs of the modern facility, see the gallery above.



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