Calling a loved one can make a huge difference

Zagreb wants to prevent loneliness during the holiday season

Zagreb wants to prevent loneliness during the holiday season

It is urging people to call or visit elderly people this Christmas

To mark International Human Rights Day (10 December), several organisations from the Croatian city of Zagreb have launched a campaign to combat loneliness. With #NEusamljenosti (#NoLoneliness), the capital urges senior citizens to become more socially active. More importantly, it asks people of all ages to engage with the older individuals in their communities.

The pandemic changed the way we perceive loneliness

According to the City of Zagreb, the outbreak of the pandemic influenced the way people perceive loneliness. Before the COVID crisis, many believed that loneliness and social isolation only impacted senior citizens. Of course, after two years of remote work and social distancing, people have changed their perceptions on the matter.

Now, citizens understand that people of all ages can experience loneliness. For this reason, many have become more capable of identifying this issue in others and showing solidarity. Subsequently, they have become more empathetic.

Small gestures make a big difference

To spread its message, the Croatian capital has collaborated with other associations and foundations to create posters and visuals that address loneliness. On these illustrations, one can read small but meaningful messages that encourage them to take action to prevent feelings of loneliness. Some of these include #NeMorateBitiSami (#YouDon’tHaveToBeByYourself) and #MaliZnakoviPažnje (#SmallSignsOfAttention). 

Beyond this, the municipality is encouraging citizens to make small gestures that require minimal effort but make a huge difference. Giving examples of such gestures, the City of Zagreb writes that citizens can simply call their families or visit their elderly neighbours. Such actions are especially necessary during this time of the year, when many may feel lonely and alone.

City institutions and civil society organisations will promote the #NEusamljenosti campaign through social media, posters in nursing homes, and public transport vehicles. 



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