The Clothed Maja, probably Goya's most famous painting

Zaragoza seeks to affirm image as the city of Goya

Zaragoza seeks to affirm image as the city of Goya

Innovative 3D cultural project, to honour the 275th birthday of the acclaimed artist

The City of Zaragoza will create a visual show about Francisco Goya in which images will be projected on the façade of the City Hall, in a way that creates movement or 3D effects, accompanied by sounds for a greater impact. This ‘video mapping’ show, lasting about 15 minutes, will cost 72,600 euros, and will be promoted by Zaragoza Tourism.

Goya is one of the most important cultural figures to come from the region of Aragon

This innovative project is based on the strategic lines of action of the city to promote in a special way the image of Zaragoza as the capital of the most universally known painters - Goya. As such, the common thread planned for this video mapping will be the figure of the artistic genius and his relationship with the city.

"The objective of this project is to turn Zaragoza into a national and international reference and a point of attraction around the figure of Francisco Goya. The epicentre of this project is located in the Plaza del Pilar, where it is intended to conceptually unite the Aragonese genius with one of the most representative locations in the city," explained the Councilor of Culture, Sara Fernández.

She added that this is an innovative project, which combines technology, history and tradition, and which is included within the set of activities framed in the 275th anniversary of the artist’s birth.

The service to be provided by the successful tenderer will include the conceptualization, design and production of the video to be projected. The show must follow a specific conceptual and artistic common thread, in combination with appropriate images, sounds and special effects to achieve a show that meets the promotional objective of Zaragoza as the city of Goya.

The show will take place on the façade of the Zaragoza City Council building in Plaza del Pilar, and will consist of a projection of a minimum duration of between 10 and 15 minutes, through the creation of scenic effects through the projection of light and sound. 

The successful bidder must present a project that includes the characteristic description of the show created exclusively for the façade located in the building described above, mentioning its script, musical setting and images or sketches. The precise technical needs for the projection of the video must also be included, as well as the hardware, software, number of elements necessary for the projection, and other generic technical specifications.

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