Matúš Vallo

Matúš Vallo was born in Bratislava on 18 September 1977. He is an architect, urban activist, musician and Mayor of Bratislava elected on 10 November 2018. Mayor Vallo went into the elections as an independent candidate with his Plan Bratislava programme, which he also published as a book and which dozens of experts worked on. He initiated the Urban Interventions - Ideas For Better City project in Bratislava in 2008 and called on other architects and activists to come up with...


Ivo Nesrovnal

The mayor of Bratislava is Ivo Nesrovnal. He was born in the capital in 1964. In 1986 he graduated from Bratislava University. He worked as a lawyer in the office of the then president Vaclav Gavel in Prague. He later studied in Germany, France and the United States. His professional development began at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. In 2009 he was elected mayor of Bratislava. He has participated in numerous initiatives, both cultural and political since then. His work focuses on...