Christian Orsing

Christian Orsing has been the mayor of Helsingborg since October 2022, succeeding Peter Danielsson who held office for 16 years. Mr Orsing represents the Moderate Party and has been involved in the development of Helsingborg for decades. Born and raised in that city, he has a broad perspective on all issues concerning its development. He is a former police officer and has held various elected positions during his political career.


Peter Danielsson

Peter Danielsson has been the Chairman of the Municipal Board of Helsingborg (equivalent to Mayor) since 2006 and the 1st Deputy Party Chairman of the Swedish party Moderaterna. Peter is also a member of the board for the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. 

Previously, Peter has worked as an editorial writer, communication consultant, entrepreneur and he has also been a member of the Swedish parliament. Peter has extensive...