Lenita Ericson

Lenita Ericson replaced Niklas Nordström as Chairman of the Municipal Board (equivalent to Mayor) of Luleå municipality in January 2020 following Nordström’s resignation last October.

Born on 14th November 1968 in the town of Luleå, Ericson completed her education at Luleå University of Technology in 2004 with a master’s degree in Psychology. She went on to work as an...


Niklas Nordström

Mr. Niklas Nordström is the former mayor of Luleå, in north Sweden. He is a 51 year old native from the north that has reached national positions in Sweden's political and business communities. Mr. Nordström has a mixed background going back and forth between business and politics. He was national chairman for the governing party Social Democrats youth organization between 1995-99, a position looked upon as a prestigious assignment in Swedish...