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Łódź assumes the leadership over the Polish eco strategy

Łódź assumes the leadership over the Polish eco strategy

Polish cities are joining forces to mitigate climate change

Łódź became the coordinator of EKOstrategia, a document already in preparation to be used by the Union of Polish Metropolises and to serve for all polish cities.

In the Polish city, a number of pro-ecological activities are already undertaken, but without proper support, mainly from the government, the actions that can be undertaken by local governments are limited. Thanks to its special interest in the climate, Łódź has taken the initiative to coordinate the activities of the largest cities in order to defend its inhabitants against climate change, affirms Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź.

A team of representatives of cities associated with the Union started work on Friday, 19th July in Łódź. The aim is to analyse the situation and create a package of proposals that will help mitigate the effects of climate change, and thus improve the quality of life of residents. In addition to the solutions that can be implemented at the local government level, the experts will prepare proposals for legislative changes at the statutory level, which will then be submitted to the central government.

The focus will be on 15 thematic areas which, most closely relate to climate change and are linked to the adaptation of administration, urban societies and business. The effects of the team's work will be subject to the verification of experts in each field and the culmination of the work will be the adoption of a comprehensive document.

In accordance with the resolution at the meeting of the Management Board of the Union of Polish Metropolises, the team will present the developed objectives of the eco strategy and prepare a catalogue of pro-ecological solutions together with a detailed implementation plan.

“We hope that the first goals set in the ECO strategy in the administrative sphere will appear later this year, and further, more complex and demanding financial projects will exist already in next year's budgets of cities” said also Zdanowska.



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