The Ancient Egyptian Temple of Debod in Madrid is one of the sites you can visit virtually

Madrid offers a new 360 virtual tour

Madrid offers a new 360 virtual tour

The digital experience, however, also has a human touch

At the end of last week, the Madrid tourism authorities launched a new service, which lets potential visitors enjoy the city’s attractions in advance so that they can make more informed decisions about their travel plans.

There is a new digital platform that offers viewers a 360o virtual experience of some of the Spanish capital’s historical sites. An additional cool factor is that the user can request the service of a live tourist informant guide who will 'accompany' them on the virtual tour.

Check out more than 40 tourist sites in Madrid

This virtual experience is free and gives the option of taking a first look at several of the capital's museums, parks and gardens, temples and places of worship, emblematic monuments and cultural centres. 

The idea is to have an à la carte proposal made through a video call between the visitor and the tourist informant. This has the added value of offering the user additional information with plans and suggestions based on his personal tastes and interests. This is sure to facilitate the planning of one’s visit to the city. 

The virtual system initially incorporates more than 40 tourist sites that will gradually be expanded with new spaces, forming a small travel guided trip that is very attractive to the user. During the experience, different locations can be observed with 360o panoramic images.

Meanwhile, the live informant offers data of tourist interest and curiosities of the chosen object, as well as practical information that is useful when making a future visit to this space. At all times, attention revolves around the preferences, needs and interests of the traveller. 

Eager to try it out? To immerse yourself in this new virtual experience, you must visit the website and request an appointment. Once the reservation is made, the user receives a confirmation to his email with the access link and a password number in order to be able to start the session. 

The service is active 365 days a year from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and is available in two languages: Spanish and English. The approximate duration per session is about 15 minutes. 



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