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Vienna seeks to establish climate protection zones

Buildings constructed in these areas must be climate-friendly

  • August 10, 2019 12:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The Greens in the local government of Vienna have much to celebrate as they unveiled their plan for the establishment of climate protection zones in the Austrian capital. Vice Mayor of Vienna Birgit Hebein stated that “This is a milestone for the climate future” on the topic of these new zones.

So, what do they entail? Buildings constructed in the climate protection zones must be built without relying on oil or gas. Their heating, cooling and hot water must be supplied through the district’s heating system or through environmentally friendly energy sources. These new standards will apply both to private and public building companies. For their ease, the city council is providing a map of the city where companies will be able to find what kinds of energy sources are available in different parts, according to Councilor Peter Kraus of the Green party.

As a result of these newly introduced climate protection zones, around 8000 apartments will be built each year in a more sustainable fashion. The goal of the Viennese local government is for these zones to become the new standard, by which the city will be guided in the future.

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