Croatian cities get ready for 15th annual Night of Museums

Croatian cities get ready for 15th annual Night of Museums

On 31 January over 200 cultural institutions will be opening their doors to visitors for free

Museums, art galleries and all manner of cultural institutions are getting ready to meet and greet visitors on the 15th annual Night of Museums in Croatia. Traditionally held on the last Friday of January, the initiative brings together institutions, citizens and tourists alike.

An evening full of events that makes up a long-term approach

The Night of Museums plays a very important role to the overall strategy of the Croatian Museum Association. And this year’s anniversary edition will be even more special.

Museums across the country have been taking advantage of the event by promoting a new and different view of cultural institutions among citizens. The Association’s goal is to change people’s perception of museums by implementing projects and activities that help locals recognize them as vital parts of a country’s identity that are responsible for the development of its entire tourism industry.

By hosting different activities on Museum Night, the Croatian Museum Association wants to promote the understanding that museums are vital institutions that help people stay connected and informed while at the same time encouraging creativity and the recognition and appreciation of cultural diversity and heritage.

Last but not least, Museum Night is the perfect opportunity for visitors to rediscover their love for cultural institutions. Many people leading busy lives might have forgotten the joy of wandering and exploring an art gallery – but on Museum Night, their passion might get rekindled and they might remember the spending time in a museum and learning something new is as good a pastime as any.

The first edition of the Croatian Museum Night was trialled in Zagreb in 2005 with only 6 museums taking part in the event. Since then, it has grown at a rapid pace and it is now estimated that over 300,000 people across the whole country are joining in on the fun.

The 2020 edition of Museum Night will be held on 31 January between 6 PM and 1 AM. You can find out more about the event at its official website



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