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France returns to lockdown on Friday

France returns to lockdown on Friday

It will last for at least a month

France will be again going into lockdown this Friday, President Emmanuel Macron informed the public yesterday evening. Due to the speed of the spread of coronavirus which exceeds even the most pessimistic forecasts, according to his words, the country will be re-introducing a national lockdown from 30 October (on the night of 29 October) to 1 December.

There are many similarities to the first lockdown in terms of limitations, but also important adaptations which should reduce the damage to the economic and education sectors.

An experience-driven lockdown for France

Most of the restrictions announced by President Macron bear a striking resemblance to the ones from March and they go in three directions. In particular:

  • Movement outside of one’s home without a valid reason will be restricted;
  • Private meetings, public gatherings, travel between regions will be banned. The only exception is for those returning from All Saints holiday by the end of the week;
  • Bars, restaurants and other non-essential commercial establishments and establishments open to the public are temporarily closed.

However, based on the experience from the first wave of the coronavirus, the lockdown will be quite different in several respects. Namely, this time nurseries, primary schools, colleges and high schools will remain open, while higher education institutions will go into online learning mode.

Furthermore, work-related activities should continue, remotely wherever possible, and public services will remain open. The president stressed out the importance of the continuation of work processes and economic activities.

To those small enterprises that will be forced to close due to the restrictions, the French state will continue to provide financial assistance covering up to 10,000 euros per month for the loss of turnover. Supporting measures to the freelancers, micro and medium-sized businesses are also to be announced.

Finally, visits to nursing and retirement homes will be authorized in strict compliance with health rules and the cemeteries will remain open. The aforementioned rules will be applicable to the entirety of the country with some adaptations to France’s overseas territories.



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