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Vote for the best Christmas market in Europe

Vote for the best Christmas market in Europe

Is your city among the finalists? There are only a few days left to cast your vote

As European cities are revamping their central spaces to meet the upcoming holidays, we are getting more and more into the festive mood. Christmas markets, accordingly, are inalienable part of the celebrations. Most of the European Christmas markets are already sparkling joy among tourists and city dwellers. We have already told you about the 2019 winner of the Best Christmas Market - Tallinn in Estonia, the Village of Light in Tartu, and what to expect in Split, Croatia.

The list of Christmas markets worth visiting is way too long. With all cities offering spectacular lights shows, decorations and an amazing variation of local hand-crafted souvenirs and delicious specialties, it is almost impossible to tell which one is the best. Yet, this is what we are called to do by the current edition of Best Christmas Market awards. The prestigious initiative is asking us to vote between 29th November to 10th December 2019 for our most favourite place to spend the end-of-the-year holidays.

24 Christmas markets competing for the award

24 finalists are fighting to win the 2020 title and it is great to see smaller cities competing like equals with national capitals like Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Brussels, Vilnius and Prague. Even if your city did not make it to the final stage, there are many other worthy choices.

So, take your chance to contribute to your favourite destination’s win. Increase its chances to follow in the footsteps of previous winners Strasbourg, Zagreb and Tallinn. Learn more about each Christmas market through a rich photo gallery and explore advice on how to spend the holidays there with things to see and do. And once you are convinced vote on European Best Destinations by next Tuesday.



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